A short story from Janet:

    "The Trouble with Trouble" -

Size doesn't matter when it comes to morning feedings in the barn.  If it did, try telling that to Trouble, a one pound Bantam Rooster.  You would think that the bigger animals would command the most attention - feed me!  Not with Trouble around.  His cock-a-doodle-doo stops you in your tracks.  No reaching for hay or oats for the horses despite their whinnying.  Trouble takes command of the barn chatter and speaks for all the hens and roosters, their voices a mere chorus to his solo performance.  Don't walk past him.  Don't look the other way.  Trouble shakes his feathers, puffs out his chest and crows--"Feed me, feed me first!" 

And so, you do.

Featured Writer: Janet L De Castro