Ah!  The smell of a barn to start the day.  Horses munching hay.  Roosters crowing.  The cats are meowing, wanting to be fed.  The border collies pace, they can't wait to herd the horses out to pasture...  Then it's on to writing and the computer for me.  I'll muck the stalls later.  That can wait! and wait! and wait!

Haflinger horses @ Red Dog Farm

Meet Writer Janet L De Castro

Thirteen-year-old Fiona never expected her foal Gilly to talk when they ran away.  She was just trying to keep Gilly safe from  new-owners who couldn't possibly love her the way she did.  Unable to face another devastating loss, Fiona runs away from the farm and her adoptive parents when Gilly's sale is imminent.  She has to fight off dangers along the way with the help of her farm dogs, but nothing can help her cope with the stress-induced visions that may hold the key to memories of her past .  Fiona's journey leads them not to safety but to a castle where horses rule and humans serve. - Lost Girl Missing